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INCURT is a new festival of short fiction films which will take place in Lleida from October 7th to 11st 2.001. The framework of INCURT is formed by two distinct geographical and cultural entities: the nations of the European continent and the nations which surround the Mediterranean Sea. 

Through this festival we wish to:

Show the best works from these two areas to a wide audience.
Favour contact between different film makers, thus enabling debate on short film and encouraging future cooperations (artistic and coproductions).
Address the cultural issues implicit in the growing relationship between Europe and the Mediterranean.

Why short films?

The short film, as a form, is important as a form because:
It is rigorous and complete. 
It is, very often, an important step in the formation of new directors. 
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We wish to make recent works and new directors known to a large public, but also to encourage cooperation between film makers, encouraging examination of new avenues for shorts (e.g. television) and how to tackle the problems inherent in their production and distribution. Recent developments in the audiovisual industry have opened up new possibilities for directors and producers and sharing of experiences, problems encountered and soloutions found can only benefit the industry.