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the Big Scene, a week of contemporary Irish culture which will take place in Lleida from October 18th to 21st 2.000. This event is made possible by the INCURT festival of European and Mediterranean short films which this year features a focus on Irish film. To compliment the screening of the most accomplished of recent Irish short films and to give the fuller picture of what is happening culturally in Ireland, The Big Scene will present artists from various disciplines: music, theatre, plastic arts to an international audience.

Ireland has been chosen by the INCURT festival in light of its glowing acheivements in film in recent years. The Big Scene will show that these acheivements have not been limited to film.

Participating Artists:

Highly acclaimed theatre group from Galway will present their new collaboration with Catalan group Els Comediants based on Joyce¥s Ulysses and Homer¥s Odyssey. This production is being created for the 1.999 St. Patrickís Day Festival in Dublin and Lleida will be its first peformance outside of Ireland. A large cast outdoor event which envelopes the city, an urban odyssey.

The Gare St. Lazare 
Players After a very succesful tour of Ireland and a four week run at The Riverside Studios in London, The Gare St. Lazare Players present the ludicrous adventures of Molloy. A theatrical working of Beckett¥s novel this piece has received numerous critical accolades and enjoyed enormous public sucess and has enjoyed full support form the Beckett estate and John Calder, publisher of the work. 

The Prayer Boat 
One of Ireland¥s hottest new groups. Their first single Saved was very well received. They will present their beautiful debut album Polichinelle.

This group has just finished their debut album which they recorded in Burgundy and which will be released in spring 1.999. Traditional music with soulful songwriting.

John Minihan 
World renowned photographer will exhibit work from his recently published work An Unweaving of Rainbows. Images of Irish writers, artists, traditions lost and being lost.

Der Lovett 
Young artist from Cork will present his exhibition entitled ëBooked Upí.

The Big Scene is orgainsed by:

Associació Ulyses. 
c/Obradors, 5
25002 Lleida. Spain.
Tel : +34 973 262 078
Fax : +34 973 264 214