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2001 Edition

INCURT, Short Film Fiction Festival of Europe & Mediterranean, will be celebrated in Lleida from November 7th to 11th of 2001.

The shorts will be screened in two venues, Municipal Theatre L'Escorxador and The Caixa Foundation Auditorium.

The festival propose two different sections:

Competition section: composed of 50 recently produced selected short films (realized after 1st January 1999), arrived from Europe & Mediterranean.

Non competitive section: ten film composed. A selection that follows a thematic and geographic order. 


The competitive section gives four prizes: Best short film, best script, Ulysses Prize to new talent and Kodak prize for the best photography, that can opt all selected films.

Best short film prize, will be 3,200 euros, patronized by City council of Lleida.

Best script prize will be granted by the Filmtel. This Barcelonian company will become position of the production costs of a future short film of the awarded one, until a value of 3,000 euros.

New talent prize is sponsored by the Cultural Association Ulysses and is equipped with 1,200 euros.

Kodak prize consist of 6 broads of 122 m. in 35 mm.