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1.Structure and Objectives
The second edition of the Short Film Festival of Europe and the Mediterranean, inCURT, will be held in the city of Lleida on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of October, 2001.
The Festival aims to offer a selection of the best short films made in recent times in Europe and the Mediterranean.
The Festival is organised by the Asociación Cultural Ulyses and is sponsored by Lleida City Council with the collaboration of several public and private groups.
Lleida City Council and various private sponsors.

2.Conditions for participation
Films will only be accepted if they have been made after 1st January 1999.
Films must be fictional, on 16mm or 35mm optical or magnetic film, and must last less than thirty minutes.
Films mustr be produced in Europe and the Mediterranean.
No industrial, advertising, racist, sexist or xenophobic films will be admitted.

The enclosed form should be filled in and returned, accompanied by:
- A VHS video tape of the film (PAL, SECAM, NTSC).
- 4 photographs taken from the film (in colour or black and white).
- A list of subtitles in English or Spanish.
- A press-book of the film.

The above material should be sent to the following address :
Associació Ulyses. Festival inCURT.
c/Obradors, 5
25002 Lleida. Spain.
Tel : +34 973 202 678
Fax : +34 973 264 214
eMail : info@incurt.org

Video copies for selection must be received before 31st May, 2001.
The selection committee, formed by well-known professionals, will communicate its decision to the organisation in mid-July.
The decision of the committee will be final.
Copies of selected films on 16 and 35 mm. film must be received before 31th October, 2001.

5.Transport / Insurance
The material should be sent by post or EMS(DHL/Federal Express, etc.) The cost should not exceed 4000 ptas. Delivery costs will be paid by the sender of the film.
Insurance expenses during the period between reception and return of the 16mm and 35mm copies will be covered by the Festival organisation. In the case of loss or damage, the organisation will only cover the costs of replacing the copy.

Subtitles in English, Spanish or Catalan are recommended.
"Voice over" translations are not permitted.
The organising committee may provide the sibtitles in certain cases.

The jury will award :
A prize for the best short film : More than 500,000 ptas.(3,200 Euros), donated by Lleida City Council.
The jury reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances, to divide the prize between no more than two films.
A price for the best script : Donated by the Riera Audio-visual Group, which will finance all the laboratory and post-production costs of the nest short film of the winning producer.
A prize for new talent : Cheques donated by the FNAC company.

Participants concede ti the Festival the right to show extracts of the films on Spanish and/or international TV channels in order to advertise the Festival. These extracts will not exceed 10% of the total length of the film (maximum 3 minutes).
The Festival will be able to use photographs from the films fo advertising in the press and other media and include the films in a CD-Rom of the Festival.

9.Return of film copies
Copies on a 16 and 35mm film will be returned in the last week of October. Costs will be met by the Festival.
Video copies send for selection will not be returned. They will be kept in the archives for reference purposes.

10."Curts d'estiu" (Summer short film festival)
The "Asociación Cultural Ulyses" reserves the right to include any of the films received in its annual "Curts d'estiu" activity, unless producers specifically express that they do not accept this condition.

11."Retrospectiva inCURT"
The Festival will travel to Barcelona, Lousanne, Zurich and Paris in the weeks after the Festival is held in Lleida ti show the best selected short films.
Producers should bear this condition in mind, but can accept it or not as they think fit.

12.Unforeseen Circumstances
Participaton in the Festival implies unreserved acceptance of all these regularions.
If any unforeseen circumstance should arise, The Asociación Ulyses and its representatives may annul any of the regulations above, but only in response to specific and justified request.
The Spanish version of these regulations is legally binding.