Securing Your Business With a BIC Numbers Database

As an entrepreneur with a service that is primarily dependent on deals over the Internet, you may be concerned about feasible Internet scams that can detrimentally impact your organisation. Net fraud is very real in today’s financial negotiations as many are IT wise with a great deal of advancement and determination to benefit their pockets unethically. You would certainly need an anti-fraud remedy to secure your on the internet deals that provide high security to your service and customers. This is where a bank recognition number pertains to play.

BIC numbers database

Possible Fraud Scenarios

A brand-new internet organisation released on the web requires much attention to boost the web traffic and your company. On the various other hand, you are concerned with recognizing authentic and phony consumers. If you were to get a high volume order, you may be bothered with its legitimacy. How would you verify the authenticity of the order and take pleasure in the positive company order?

With many charge card fraud situations today, you are additionally confronted with that danger when you ship your products. You stand to lose a great deal if the bank card is taken and there is a conflict over the transaction.

Secure System

With such prospective high risk in the business globe today, it is vital to put in place the most effective form of safety for your service. This is particularly real for web based services. Thus, all companies ought to think about making use of the Bank Identification Number which is the initial 6 digits of the credit card as a source of safety confirmation on all organisation purchases.

It is just one of the most effective anti-fraud methods readily available which works to respond to Internet fraudulence.


The BIC numbers database refers to all kinds of charge card’ very first 6 figures which are called issuer identification numbers. They develop a special database which is handled and upgraded month-to-month by the banking group American Bankers Association. E-Commerce merchants use this database to validate the validity of their on the internet purchases. These BIC figures offer a recognition of the issuer bank along with its country of origin besides validating the kind of card being used in the transaction.

The broad and updated data source set up helps you to identify and stop deceptive on-line purchases. There is an on-line recognition implementation whenever a credit report, debit or prepaid card is swiped through the card machine; it triggers the procedure of cross-checking on the card used for the transaction to confirm or resolve dubious deals. If it is a fraudulent card, it will be declined and the transaction repayment will not undergo.