Amazon inc will complete its top share mark

Amazon inc had fallen almost 3000 $ of its stock called as AMZN stock for the first time in so much time period that is from its start till the company expanded its operation to many countries other than the USA.

On September 25, two days before this day all the investors sold their shares and had bought new share instead of the old ones and immediately after two days the decline in the share of Amazon took place where they lost almost 3000$ instantly because all the money was taken from the investors they were very angry at Jeff Bezos.

¬†After the sudden decline in the two days period, it has gained over 62% stock in more than two days and has compensated from their loses and also the investors are happy that they didn’t lose much money as it was given back by Jeff Bezos very early.

The stock of Amazon has said to fall once again as Jeff Bezos owns the Washington post which posts daily news blog about the ongoing situation in the parliament.

Donald Trump blames Jeff Bezos for faking the news about what has been going on in the parliament. Biden has launched a contest in which the small tech company which will be able to set up a huge plant in the US after winning the contest.

The current lower price of Amazon stock is 3048$ while the highest is 4500$ and it is said to believe that on Tuesday when the share market opens Amazon will drop its lower price more by 20$ so that more people can get a chance to buy shares in it.

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The analysts think that if Amazon does not do something about their price, now their stock may see another huge downfall again.

The Amazon inc daily share chart

The first stock hike was reached in the year 1999, which was at 110.63$, which is considered as the highest price at that time.

In 2009, Amazon saw a rising pattern again in its share as of by 2018 the highest it reached was 1942$ due to more demand of it in the market after the fall in their sales.

Then in July 2019, Amazon tried to hike the price of its share, which failed because of the Covid 19 pandemic that took place at the starting of February 2020.

The bounce pattern started in March had Amazon to suddenly hike its price to 3000$ because Bezos thought that people would be more eager to buy share after the opening of everything. If you want to buy the stock of Amazon, you can check its income statement at

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