Structuring Automated Test System For Power Supply Testing

Structuring and conceptualizing an ATE is not a simple errand.  Here are a few focuses and steps you may consider in structuring your own robotized test hardware (ATE) that will meet your requirements.Software testing

Test Coverage:

Rundown down all the current force flexibly, recently create power gracefully and the future activities with the accompanying required data:

  • Input Power prerequisite: for input source, you need to arrange for what information source you may need to cover all information necessity for all the your product offerings.
  • Output power prerequisite: number of burdens you have to consider, this will run from the powerful range to low power go.
  • Number of yields and signals: this is exceptionally basic since you need to anticipate the standard mux portion. For this, more mux assignment the better.
  • Control switches: survey each test necessity for every one of the item for all the test that requires transfer or switches. You must be extremely cautious in arranging this out. This will be use on what number of universally useful switches or hand-off you will introduce in your ATE. You can check likewise new test philosophy that may be conceivable test for the new items.

From the rundown, you ought to achieve the accompanying data:

  • You will have a thought on what information source you’re going to use to cover all power gracefully you’re going to test.
  • You will have a thought on what number of burden modules you have to introduce to cover high power different yields power supplies REST & SOAP. You will likewise need to include low current burden module for lower current yields.
  • You will have thought on what number of muxes and changes your going to utilize.

Test Interface Panel

You have to consider the test interface you’re going to use for your ATE. There are a ton of decisions in the market.

For test board connector, you need to think about the accompanying:

  • Quality of contacts, great contact tests to wipe out contact opposition that will influence your estimations.
  • Flexibility, simple to connect, simple to unplug, fast disengage, low addition and extraction power required.
  • Serviceability, simple to supplant. You need to consider additionally on the connector that is anything but difficult to supplant and keep up.
  • Contact life cycle, you need to consider long life cycle connector else you need to transform it much of the time.