Using optical character recognition to boost document processing

According to a research Conducted by the Aberdeen Group, 72 percent of received bills are paper based, and it costs an average of $18.72 to process every single one. That is an extraordinary quantity of cash to spend on a single invoice and companies will soon observe these amounts adding up fast with time. Among those ways business can reduce these processing amounts is by utilizing Optical Character Recognition OCR technology. OCR is helping companies save money and time by enhance efficiency and lessening the number of data entry needed when processing files like statements, faxes and emails.

So what is OCR? OCR Can is described as software which converts scanned images of text or printed text into a type which may be recognized and readily processed. An OCR system allows you to extract important company data from a file, feed it directly into a digital file, and then edit the document using a word processor or other software solution. OCR technology has produced a massive effect on the way data is recorded, stored, edited and shared. Ahead of OCR, if a person needed to turn a file in a digital file, every page would need to be typed word for word.

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With business research Demonstrating as much as 70 percent of invoice processing costs are wrapped up in file handling and data entry procedures, eliminating manual data entry from the organization will radically cut costs and enhance business processes and look at intelligent document processing platform. Businesses can devote a great deal of money, time and man power manually processing information and locating and regaining lost or misplaced files, but using an OCR method the strain of sorting through filing cabinets for hours on end will become a thing of the past. Rather businesses will immediately become accustomed to hunting and retrieving a record within minutes, instead hours.

Firms can reduce the expenses related to archiving, archiving and long-term storage using a document management solution including OCR. You might even lessen the quantity of ink and paper used to print files. With 7.5percent of files being lost or lost, document management applications, can offer extra security and consumer monitoring to safeguard files that are scanned. With advantages like these, a company can enhance efficiency within the office, allowing workers to focus on more strategic tasks. conserving a great deal of cash in the procedure. OCR is a precious piece of software that many companies have profited from and will continue to profit from for many years to come. Decimation is a Leading supplier of document-centric content and workflow management program. It provides solutions and services for UK, European and international businesses. By eliminating manual and paper processing from company operations, Decimation help customers to lower their costs, enhance efficiency, preserve company management and maintain legal compliance.