The Rising Tide of E-commerce in Vietnam: Job Market Insights

The e-commerce industry in Vietnam has seen rapid growth. This has intensified the demand for highly-qualified human resources.

Candidates want to work for businesses that are committed to omnichannel commerce and that value the customer experience. These candidates also favor marketplaces like Tiki, Sendo, Shopee and Dienmayxanh, which are both local and independently owned.

Industries such as the fields of information technology, e-commerce developing software and data analysis green energy, healthcare and renewable energy are growing rapidly as well as offering excellent employment opportunities.


In Vietnam the country, online shopping is a leading sector with a growing number of business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions and a large youth cohort. It is expected to continue it’s growth in the coming couple of years. The sector will likely attract larger foreign investors as this country continues to improve its logistical infrastructure.

Social commerce is another booming area for e-commerce in Vietnam. The younger generation is pushing the boundaries of online shopping and searching for new methods of purchasing products. This trend is reflected in the success of the most popular e-commerce sites in Vietnam such as Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, Dienmayxanh, and Sendo.

The rapid growth of eCommerce in Vietnam is due to Vietnam’s good fundamentals. This includes an enviable workforce, a strong digital infrastructure, as well as a robust economy. Additionally, it has an extremely low rate of inflation and a growing middle class, as well as high disposable incomes. In spite of a global economic downturn the e-commerce industry in Vietnam is very well-positioned to weather the hurricane. The headhunter vietnam is especially true for social commerce, which can withstand more market fluctuations than traditional ecommerce.


As the nation’s economy grows, there is strong competition to find top-quality talent. Therefore, employers are seeking creative recruitment strategies to find and keep those with skills they want. The companies are also working on implementing employee engagement and development programs. They are making efforts to tackle the gap in skills that can be a significant obstacle in attracting FDI in Vietnam.

Despite the challenges however, the online-based sector in Vietnam is among the most dynamic markets across Asia. It’s mainly driven by the young demographic of Vietnam and growing middle class and a modern Internet infrastructure. This market is also aided by the government’s e-commerce development strategy and the growing Internet penetration.


In Vietnam it is possible to find a number of options to locate candidates with appropriate abilities. But, the method used is different from that of the developed countries. In recruiting for Vietnam will require specialization and a thorough understanding of the local market.

This is a growing market with immense potential. With its large market, growing middle class, and a significant number of youth, e-commerce is poised to become an essential aspect of Vietnamese economy.

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E-commerce recruitment in Vietnam

In Vietnam, e-commerce has been growing rapidly and is expected to expand even further in the next two to three years. The growth in e-commerce has created an imbalance between the availability and demand for employees in this industry. Based on the VECOM study, 40 % of companies had difficulties finding workers who specialize in the field of e-commerce. The situation is especially acute in industries such as arts-entertainment and information-communications.

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Those working in these fields need to be tech-savvy and proficient in using software developed by other countries. They must also be conversant with popular social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook dominating these areas of work. Vietnamese market.

Local businesses are also focusing on creating an online presence as well as promoting their offerings by using digital channels. They have been introducing mobile payments and online banking platforms to make it easier for customers. Cash-on-delivery payments still remain popular among Vietnamese customers. It is due to the fact that many consumers are wary of scams and frauds and prefer buying goods at the counter before making a payment for them on the internet.